ACE In Bond Sequences (ACE Manifest)

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Disambig1.pngThis article is part of the BorderConnect Software User Guide.
Disambig1.pngThis article is part of the BorderConnect ACE Manifest Software Guide.

How to create and track ACE In-Bond sequences in BorderConnect.

The ACE In-Bond Sequence Search Page is where the user can look up sequences of ACE In-Bond entry numbers assigned to them from CBP and entered into BorderConnect. Or create new ACE In-Bond sequences assigned to them by CBP into BorderConnect. There are many search options available. By default the search will display in-bond sequences chronologically. The most recent at the top.

BorderConnect's ACE In Bond Sequences feature is designed to automate some of the record keeping of carriers who file their own bonds in ACE eManifest, aka ACE In-Bonds. Using this feature will allow you to automatically:

  • Generate the In Bond Entry Number check digit.
  • Assign the next Entry Number in the sequence to each bond you create.
  • Keep track of which Entry Number was used when, and with which Shipment Control Number.
  • Generate a spreadsheet report detailing the usage of each Entry Number in the sequence.


The ACE In-Bond Sequences page can be accessed from the ACE eManifests menu option, or the Manage Data menu option. It will also be brought up when the user clicks on ACE eManifests on the top menu bar.

ACE Inbond Sequence Search Section


This section allows the user to search for In-Bond sequences entered into BorderConnect previously. It is also the page where the user can search by specific In-Bond entry numbers, or search by shipment control number to determine where specific In-Bond numbers were used. By default it will display In-Bond sequences in a chronological sequence, starting with the most recent sequence at the top. By altering the search options the user can search any In-Bond sequence ever created in the system, filtering by whatever criteria desired.

Create New ACE Inbond Sequence
Used to create a new sequence of In-Bond entry numbers. Clicking on this button will bring the user to the Add ACE Inbond Sequence Page.
Search Button
Used to search for In-Bond sequences. Once the desired search options have been entered, clicking on this button will search for matching results and display them in the ACE Inbond Sequences Results section below.
Reset Button
Used to reset the search options to the default setting. Clicking on this button will set the Date Created Between back to the default value, and will revert all other search options. The In-Bond sequences created within the last week will then be displayed in the ACE Inbond Sequences Results Section below.
Clear Button
Used to clear all search options. Clicking on this button will set all search options to blank so the user can enter new search options instead.

Add ACE Inbond Sequence


This page allows the user to create a new sequence of In-Bond entry numbers assigned to them by CBP into BorderConnect.

Sequence Start
Start of In-Bond number range assigned by CBP without check digit.
Sequence End
The final In-Bond number of the sequence assigned by CBP without the check digit.
Is Finished
If you set Is Finished to Yes and then go back into the sequence, it will also show the CSV Export option.

View/Edit ACE Inbond Sequence


This page allows the user to edit the information of a sequence already entered into BorderConnect. If a mistake has been made with the sequence, the user can change the information such as the sequence start, or the sequence end. Below in the ACE Inbond Sequence History section, the user can see details on the usage of any In Bond Entry Numbers that have been used (including the final check digit) in the system since the Sequence was created.