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About BorderConnect

BorderConnect is a trucking software solutions provider based out of Windsor, Ontario that specializes in ACE and ACI eManifest software. We have the unique advantage of being smack in the center of the world's busiest commercial border crossing.

Our proximity to the Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel has its definite advantages. We have excellent ties with both US and Canadian customs services. We also maintain close relationships with the highway transportation community, including consultants, brokers and international trucking companies.

Our users come from trucking companies all across North America. We are proud to have clients in almost every Canadian province, including Ontario, Quebec, The Atlantic Provinces, The Prairies and British Columbia and our range of American clients come from all corners of the U.S., like Maryland, New England, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Florida and California - to name a few.

We Specialize in Trucking

Specializing in software solutions for highway carriers only, allows us to focus our resources on the customs problems facing trucking companies. We have made a commitment to organize and simplify the way truckers handle vital international compliance issues.

We have been providing hundreds of clients with pre-arrival and pre-approval statuses with accuracy and efficiency. Now, using BorderConnect, companies can easily comply with new CBP regulations by transmitting their ACE eManifest information online.

Our service has been designed to eliminate manual errors and costly fines. We streamline your port processing times! - And you'll be able to store all of your data electronically! No waiting. No mistakes. No penalties.

Contact BorderConnect

Register for a free 30-day ACE or ACI eManifest trial here. Or contact us 24/7 at 1-800-596-5176.