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Disambig1.pngThis article is part of the Customs Compliance Guide.
Disambig1.pngThis article is part of the BorderConnect ACE Manifest Software Guide.
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A Facilities Information and Resources Management System (FIRMS) Code is a four digit alpha-numeric identifier assigned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to:
  • Container Freight Stations,
  • Warehouse Deconsolidators,
  • Foreign Trade Zones,
  • Bonded Warehouses,
  • or any other US Customs Service bonded facility.

The FIRMS Code is used in BorderConnect ACE Manifest software and U.S. In-Bond Manager and represents the location of certain goods. The FIRMS location must be bonded and on file in Automated Manifest System (AMS). The FIRMS Code is assigned to a location when the bond for that location has been filed with Customs and Border Protection (CBP).[1]

CBP does provide a list of FIRMS Codes. This information is required on all entries. If you are unable to locate your code, please contact the facility where your goods will be located pending Customs clearance to get that facility's FIRMS Code before you file your entry.

FIRMS codes are used when communicating with a US Customs Port of Entry. They're required on import paperwork, inbond transit orders, and other Customs documents.

Used When Arriving In-Bond Shipments in ACE

The FIRMS Code is used in BorderConnect when arriving ACE In-Bond shipments electronically. As of February, 6th 2019 a FIRMS code is required when arriving In-Bond shipments. Below is an example of assigning a FIRMS code when electronically arriving a bonded shipment in BorderConnect.