CBSA Highway Ports

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The information on this page is not regularly maintained and it is possible that some of the details may be out of date.

Below is a list of common EDI Approved CBSA Commercial Highway Crossings with full contact information. For more information, or an updated listing of CBSA Highway ports, visit CBSA here. If you are a BorderConnect customer and would like to request a phone number for a specific port, contact BorderConnect.

Pacific Highway border crossing.

British Columbia

Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
Abbotsford-Huntingdon 0817 2 Sumas Way

Huntingdon BC V2S 8B7

08:00-16:00 PT M-F Sumas, WA
Aldergrove 0841 10 Highway 13

Aldergrove BC V4W 2L8

08:00-00:00 PT All-Week Lynden, WA
Cascade 0816 102 Highway 395 South

Christina Lake BC V0H 1E0

08:00-17:00 PT M-F Laurier, WA
Fraser 0893 km 36.5/mile 22.6 Yukon Highway 2 (Klondike Hwy)

Fraser BC

09:00-17:00 PT M-F Skagway, AK
Kingsgate 0818 6917 Highway 95

Kingsgate BC V0B 1V1

24 Hours PT All-Week Eastport, ID
Osoyoos 0819 #202-97th Street

Osoyoos BC V0H 1V1

24 Hours PT All-Week Oroville, WA
Pacific Highway 0813 28 176th Street

Surrey BC V3Z 9R9

24 Hours PT All-Week Blaine, WA
Pleasant Camp 0891 Mile 40.8/KM 65.7 Yukon Hwy 3(Haines Hwy)

Pleasant Camp BC

08:00-00:00 PT All-Week Dalton Cache, AK
Rykerts 0822 108 Highway 21

Creston BC V0B 1G2

08:00-16:00 MT M-F Porthill, ID
Waneta 0833 10290 Highway 22A

Salmo BC V0G 1Z0

09:00-16:30 PT M-F Boundary, WA


Coutts border crossing.
Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
Aden 0706 Highway #880 South

Aden AB T0K 0A0

09:00-17:00 MT M-F Whitlash, MT
Carway 0707 Highway #2 South

Cardston AB T0K 0K0

07:00-23:00 MT All-Week Piegan, MT
Coutts 0705 Highway #4 South

Coutts AB T0K 0N0

24 Hours MT All-Week Sweetgrass, MT
Del Bonita 0708 Highway #62 South

Del Bonita AB T0K 0S0

09:00-17:00 MT M-F Del Bonita, MT


North Portal CBSA Highway Crossing.
Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
North Portal 0602 P.O. Box 60

North Portal SK S0C 1W0

24 Hours CT All-Week Portal, ND
Regway 0607 P.O Box 94

Minton SK S0C 1T0

24 Hours MT All-Week Raymond, MT


CBSA Port of Emerson, Manitoba.
Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
Boissevain 0507 P.O. Box 1150

Boissevain MB R0K 0E0

09:00-17:00 CT M-F Dunseith, ND
Emerson 0502 Highway 75

Emerson MB R0A 0L0

24 Hours CT All-Week Pembina, ND


Windsor's Ambassador Bridge crossing.
Lewiston bridge in Niagara Falls.
Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
Cornwall 0409 1 Brookdale Av.,

Cornwall ON K6J 0A9

24 Hours ET All-Week Massena, NY
Fort Erie 0410 2 Peace Bridge Plaza

Fort Erie ON L2A 0A7

24 Hours ET All-Week Buffalo, NY
Fort Frances 0478 101 Church Street

Fort Frances ON P9A 3X8

24 Hours CT All-Week International Falls, MN
Lansdowne 0456 860 Highway 137

Lansdowne ON K0E 1L0

24 Hours ET All-Week Alexandria Bay, NY
Pigeon River 0475 7690 Highway 61

Neebing ON P7L 0A2

24 Hours CT All-Week Grand Portage, MN
Prescott 0439 Highway 16 and County Road 2 Junction

Prescott ON K0E 1T0

24 Hours ET All-Week Ogdensburg, NY
Queenston Lewiston (Niagara Falls) 0427 14154 Niagara Parkway

Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0

24 Hours ET All-Week Lewiston, NY
Sarnia 0440 1555 Venetian Boulevard

Point Edward ON N7T 0A9

24 Hours ET All-Week Port Huron, MI
Sault Ste Marie 0441 125 Huron Street

Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 1R3

24 Hours ET All-Week Sault Ste Marie, MI
Windsor - Ambassador Bridge 0453 780 Huron Church Road,

Windsor ON N9C 2K2

24 Hours ET All-Week Detroit, MI
Windsor-Detroit Tunnel 0452 P.O. Box 1641

Windsor ON N9A 7K3

09:00-17:00 ET All-Week Detroit, MI


Crossing the border of Lacolle.
The cross-border town of Stanstead and Derby Line, VT.
Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
Abercorn 0318 549 Route 139

Abercorn QC J0E 1B0

08:00-17:00 ET All-Week Richford, VT
Armstrong 0329 999 Highway 173

Saint-Théophile QC G0M 2A0

24 Hours ET All-Week Jackman, ME
Clarenceville 0337 2500 Beech Road

Clarenceville QC J0J 1B0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Alburg Springs, VT
Covey Hill 0311 2 Route 203

Havelock QC J0S 2C0

08:00-16:00 ET M-F Cannon's Corner, NY
Dundee 0330 8750 Route 132

Ste-Agnes-de-Dundee QC J0S 1L0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Massena, NY
East Hereford 0362 26 Route 253

East Hereford QC J0B 1S0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Beecher Falls, VT
East Pinnacle 0369 383 Richford Road

East Pinnacle QC J0J 1C0

08:00-16:00 ET M-F Pinnacle, VT
Frelighsburg 0332 193 Route 237

Frelighsburg QC J0J 1C0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F West Berkshire, VT
Hemmingford 0333 1 Route 219 South

Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0

08:00-16:00 ET M-F Mooers, NY
Hereford Road 0366 1871 Route 141

St-Hermenegilde QC J0B 2W0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Canaan, VT
Highwater 0334 4 Mansonville Road

Highwater QC J0E 1X0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F North Troy, VT
Herdman 0302 2705 Douanes Road

Athelstan QC J0S 1A0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Chateauguay NY
Lacolle - Route 221 0324 300 Route 221

Lacolle QC J0J 1J0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Overton Corners, NY
Lacolle - Route 223 0341 154 Route 223

Lacolle QC J0J 1J0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Rouses Point, NY
Morses Line 0367 10 Dutch Road

St-Armand QC J0J 1T0

08:00-16:00 ET M-F Morses Line, VT
Noyan 0368 6 Route 225

Noyan QC J0J 1B0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Alburg, VT
St Armand / Philipsburg 0328 10 Route 133

St-Armand QC J0J 1T0

24 Hours All-Week Highgate Springs, VT
St Bernard de Lacolle - Highway 15 0351 501, Highway 15

St-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC J0J 1V0

24 Hours All-Week Champlain, NY
Stanhope 0354 1000 Highway 147

Stanhope QC J1A 2S2

24 Hours All-Week Norton, VT
Stanstead 55 0314 2 Highway 55

Stanstead QC J0B 3E2

24 Hours All-Week Derby Line, VT
Trout River 0307 980 Highway 138

Elgin QC J0S 1A0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Trout River, NY
Woburn 0308 1020 des Lignes Road

Woburn QC G0Y 1R0

08:00-17:00 ET M-F Coburn Gore, ME

New Brunswick

Name Port Code Address Commercial Hours Opposite US Port
St. Stephen 3rd Bridge 0231 20 St-Stephen Drive,

St-Stephen NB E3L 0B5

24 Hours ET All-Week Calais, ME
Woodstock 0212 1403 Route 95

Belleville NB E7M 4Z9

24 Hours ET All-Week Houlton, ME