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The BorderConnect Support Wiki is a free-to-use resource to help familiarize yourself with using BorderConnect ACE (CBP) and ACI (CBSA) eManifest software. The wiki has articles covering many scenarios users may come across when using BorderConnect. The wiki also contains valuable information on the cross-border procedures for North American highway carriers, and the steps carriers and drivers must follow for specific shipment types.

Use the links below or the search bar above to explore and navigate the contents of the wiki.

For general questions or for support contact BorderConnect 24/7.

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Latest Webinars


DTOPS / Transponder Update

This webinar will discuss changes that occurred in the pricing of transponders and the change that occurred effective November 28th, allowing companies to purchase single trips. This pilot has ended and is now open at all ports of entry. Learn whether this option may be beneficial to you, changes that might be needed in operations and what your driver needs to know. (Run-Time: 30m) Watch Now


ACI: CBSA Nov 1 AMPS Penalty Update

This webinar will go in-depth with the new AMPS penalty changes starting November 1, and how this will affect you as a carrier. We will go through the monetary changes, what we will see and how to avoid them. Followed by a Q&A session (Run-Time: 52m) Watch Now

Latest Customs News


Deactivation of CBP Laredo Port Codes 2381, 2394, 2395, 2399 for Cargo

The ACE Business Office, in conjunction with the Office of Field Operations, has identified port codes associated to facilities that are no longer active and will be deactivating the port codes, one Field Office at a time. The Laredo Field Office has identified four port codes to be deactivated. During the week of October 24, 2016, Port Codes 2381 (Edinburg INTL USE FEE APT), 2394 (Del Rio Cargo Control), 2395 (Eagle Pass Cartage Control), and 2399 (Laredo Cartage Control) will be deactivated. The trade will no longer be able to use these port codes on bills of lading or in-bond movements. Read More


CBSA allowing carriers to turn around without AMPS penalty for 90 days

Due to recent system instability, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will allow for a 90 day evaluation period beginning on May 29, 2017 as an interim measure that should further assist highway carriers in complying with the ACI requirements and provide an opportunity to take corrective action. The evaluation period will end at midnight August 26, 2017. During the evaluation period, the CBSA will allow drivers in the highway mode (whether or not there is an outage) who arrive without ACI to return voluntarily to the United States to await transmission of both their conveyance and cargo information. No ACI penalties will be issued where a carrier returns to the United States. Read More

Featured Article

The Edit ACI eManifest Page allows the user to update the main information for the manifest. It can be accessed by clicking the Edit Button on the ACI eManifest Details Page.
Save Button
Used to save the data that has been updated on the page. Clicking on this button will update the manifest with the data that has been entered, and return the user to the ACI eManifest Details Page.
Cancel Button
Cancels the attempt to edit the ACI eManifest. Clicking on this button will disregard any data updated on the page and return the user to the ACI eManifest Details Page. Read More >>

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How to create an ACE In-Bond

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