Creating and Submitting a New ACE Manifest (ACE Manifest)

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This article is part of the BorderConnect ACE Manifest Guide
A video tutorial on creating ACE eManifest in BorderConnect.
Selecting Start New ACE eManifest from the ACE eManifests menu

This guide offers step by step instructions on creating a new ACE eManifest and submitting it to CBP using BorderConnect ACE Manifest software. It assumes that you have an active software subscription with BorderConnect. If you are not presently set up with an account, please contact BorderConnect to get you set up.

Start a New ACE Manifest

On the top menu bar, under 'ACE eManifests', select 'Start New ACE eManifest'.

Enter ACE Trip Details

Enter the information on the Start New ACE Manifest Page, including your trip number, port of entry, ETA, driver, truck and trailer, and click 'Save' when finished.


Review ACE Trip Details

You will now be brought to the ACE Manifest Details Page. This is your opportunity to:

  • Review the information that you have already entered to make sure it is correct. If you notice anything that needs to be changed you can make corrections at this time.
  • Enter additional trailers if applicable.
  • Enter additional drivers if applicable.
  • Enter passengers if applicable.
  • Indicate that you have Instruments of International Traffic aboard. If you have IITs you must indicate that they are loaded on the truck or trailer.


Start a New ACE Shipment

Add a shipment to your manifest. If you are not crossing empty, and have freight other IIT, you are required to create a shipment to report it. To add a shipment, click on the 'Create New Shipment' button located toward the bottom of the ACE Manifest Details Page.

Enter ACE Shipment Details

Enter the information on the Start New ACE Shipment Page and click the 'Save' when finished.


Add a Shipper

You will now be brought to the ACE Shipment Details Page. It's time to select the shipper for this shipment by using 'Quick Assign Shipper' for shippers that you've used before or 'Assign Shipper' to enter a new one. If you have already quick assigned your shipper on the previous page, you can skip this step.


Add a Consignee

Select the consignee for this shipment by using 'Quick Assign Consignee' for consignees that you've used before or 'Assign Consignee' to enter a new one. If you have already quick assigned your consignee on the previous page, you can skip this step.


Add the Commodity

Add the commodity. To do so click on 'Create Commodity'.

Enter Commodity Details

Enter the information on the Add/Edit Commodity for ACE Shipment Page. When you have entered all the required fields, click 'Save'.


Additional Commodities

If you have any additional commodity information for this shipment that is not covered by your previous entry, you may click 'Back to Shipment' to return to the ACE Shipment Details Page in order to add additional commodities to the shipment. Otherwise, this shipment is complete. Please note that it is usually recommended to provide a general description, total quantity and weight that covers all of the goods on the shipment at once, rather than entering multiple commodities separately.

Back to ACE Manifest Details

Click 'Back to ACE eManifest' to return to the ACE eManifest Details Page.

Add Additional Shipments

If you have additional shipments to add to the manifest, repeat steps 4 - 11. Please note that all shipments on the truck must be accounted for on one manifest.

Transmit the ACE Manifest to CBP

Transmit the manifest to CBP. If your manifest is complete with all shipments entered you are ready to send it to CBP. To do so, click 'Sync with CBP'. The 'Current Status' should update from 'Draft' to 'Transmitted to CBP' and you should see the send request for the manifest listed on your History/Status Messages.


Verify that the ACE Manifest is Accepted by CBP

Check back to verify that the manifest is accepted by CBP. Response times vary but the average seems to be around 1 minute. It is important to come back to your manifest to make sure that it was received and accepted by Customs. You can do so either by leaving the manifest page open and using your browser's refresh button, or by looking up the manifest on the ACE Manifest Search Page and selecting 'View'. The system will also leave a link to the last manifest and shipment that you viewed, which allows you to easily return if you need to access another part of the system. Once your manifest is accepted, the 'Current Status' will update to 'Complete Manifest On File with CBP' and you will see an accepted response for the trip listing the appropriate number of shipments. This means your manifest is now accepted and on file with CBP.

ACE eManifest Status Guide

BorderConnect ACE Manifest software provides a simple visual way to determine the status of your eManifest. For a list of all the statuses an ACE Manifest may encounter, visit the ACE Manifest Status Guide.

Verify the PAPS Entry Number and QP In-Bond Entry

Verify that all PAPS and QP In-Bond shipments aboard are cleared by the customs broker. The broker's entry numbers will show in your History/Status Messages. The trip's 'Current Status' will update to Complete Manifest and Entry Numbers On File with CBP once all PAPS and QP In-Bonds listed on the trip are cleared by the broker.

In order to comply with ACE Manifest requirements you are required to ensure that both your manifest and the broker clearance on any PAPS shipments are on file with CBP before the driver arrives at the border.