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ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) is CBP's electronic manifest program. It is intended to facilitate trade while strengthening border security.[1] Since 2007, highway carriers have had to comply with ACE eManifest requirements when bringing goods into the United States by filing an ACE eManifest at least one hour prior to arrival at the border.

BorderConnect's ACE eManifest software offers an extremely user-friendly web-based solution to comply with eManifest requirements, complete with 24/7 technical support.

ACE Manifest Requirements

Under ACE Manifest regulations trucks must ensure that BOTH the ACE Manifest and the entry number by the customs broker (for PAPS shipments) are on file with CBP for at least one hour prior to the driver's arrival at the border. Failure to do so could result in delays at the border, refused entry into the U.S. and/or penalty action.

When arriving at the border in the United States, the driver must present customs paperwork (ie customs invoice and/or Bill of Lading) with a legible trip number or shipment control number. Although CBP officers capture the trip information from the truck license plate, a PAPS barcode and/or barcoded ACE lead sheet can expedite the border processing time and also helps the officer to bring up the ACE Manifest in their system.

The officer will then verify the information is correct, and it is their discretion to move the driver to secondary inspection or not for further verification. CBP officers do not stamp paperwork upon release of the shipment, and the only way to prove that a shipment was released with CBP is to use a signed proof of delivery document.

ACE Manifest lead sheets can be generated from within BorderConnect, either from the manifest or as a set ahead of time. The carrier can also design and produce their own lead sheets.

Getting Started

The first step is create profiles for any drivers, trucks and trailers that may be crossing the border. The information in these profiles will be used to complete mandatory fields on your manifests. It is recommended that you enter the profile information ahead of time to facilitate creating eManifests. Please refer to the individual sections for instructions on entering and maintaining:

Once you are registered to use ACE with BorderConnect and you have created the driver, truck and trailer profiles, you are ready to begin creating and submitting eManifests to Customs!

ACE Manifest Instructions

Please refer to the individual sections for complete instructions on the following:

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