Send In-Bond Port Diversion Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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The Send In-Bond Port Diversion Message Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager used to electronically transmit a U.S. In-Bond Port Diversion message to CBP. This page can be accessed by hovering over 'U.S. In-Bonds' and selecting 'Port Diversion' or by clicking the 'Send Port Diversion Request' option in the 'Update In-Bond' dropdown button from the In-Bond Report Details Page. Sending a U.S. In-Bond Port Diversion Request to CBP is common if the incorrect U.S. in-bond destination was originally entered when the in-bond was filed or the in-bond must move to a different destination than wheat was originally intended. It's important to note that the in-bond must be in an 'Enroute' status for an In-Bond Port Diversion Request to be sent and cannot be in an 'On File', 'Arrived', 'Exported', or 'Concluded' status.

Send In-Bond Port Diversion Message


In-Bond Entry Number
The main number identifying the in-bond to CBP. Should be 9 numeric digits, with no spaces, dashes or other characters. This field will be pre-filled if you are sending the diversion request from the in-bond from the in-bond report.
New US In-Bond Destination
The new CBP port that you want for the in-bond destination. You can bring up port options by typing the port code or port name.
In-Bond Diversion Date
The effective date for the new in-bond destination port.
In-Bond Diversion Time
The effective time for the new in-bond destination port.
Liable Bonded Carrier ID
The number identifying the bond holder of this in-bond shipment to CBP. If you have already used this field previously, you can hit space to see a list of options. Valid formats for the In-bond Carrier Identification codes are: NN-NNNNNNNXX (Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Number), YYDDPP-NNNNN (USCBP Assigned Number), and NNN-NN-NNNN (Social Security Number)
House Bill Number
Only used for in-bonds with the Air mode of transport. Not required.