PARS Checking Software User Guide (CBSA Shipments)

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BorderConnect's PARS Checking software uses CBSA's Release Notification System (RNS) to provide carriers with up to date information on everything that's going on with their carrier code, including the status of their PARS shipments. Carriers can benefit from using the software in several ways, including:

  • Seeing if all PARS are set up by the broker, regardless of whether the broker has a website or is closed for the night.
  • Verifying PARS number and port entered by broker matches the PARS sticker and intended port of entry.
  • For clients of BorderConnect's ACI eManifest software, PARS checking will tie in to their manifests to help ensure PARS numbers are keyed exactly.
  • Getting notification of all PARS and in bond shipments released by CBSA.
  • Printing a release notification report that acts as proof of release.

Getting Started

If you have not already done so, the first step is to register for RNS with CBSA. To do so please call a BorderConnect representative at any time to have the application sent to CBSA for you. Applications take approximately one week to be processed.

PARS Checking Instructions

Please refer to the individual sections for complete instructions on the following:

PARS Shipment Tutorials

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