E-Manifest Tracking Feature (ACE and ACI eManifest)

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Selecting Track eManifest from the eManifest Details page

This guide offers instructions on using the eManifest Tracking Feature in BorderConnect. It assumes that you have an active software subscription with BorderConnect. If you are not presently set up with an account, please contact BorderConnect to get you set up.

The eManifest Tracking Feature allows you to receive updates by email and screen notification when a manifest gets responses from customs. Whereas normally you might just check back on your manifest when it's convenient for you, this feature is designed to help out in situations where you want to leave your manifest and do other things, but need to know right away when the manifest receives a response.

The most common scenario where the feature would be useful when you are changing an ACI eManifest, and the changes you're making must be done in separate stages. For example if you needed to change the manifest's trip number, you would first need to send a cancel request, then wait for the reply before making your changes and resending the manifest. In this example you must wait for the response to the cancel request before proceeding, but based on current response times in ACI this can take 10 minutes or more. You may want to spend that time working on other things, but still know right away when the response comes in.

Tracking a Manifest

Tracking a manifest is easy. Simply go to the ACI or ACE Manifest Details Page of the manifest you wish to track. On the top row of buttons, hover your mouse over the Track button.

You will be given the choice between 'Track eManifest' and 'Track eManifest With Note'. Both accomplish the same thing, the ability to add a note just makes it helps in cases where you might need to remember why you were tracking the manifest. If you do decide to track the manifest with a note, you will be prompted to enter the note in a text box and hit save.

You are now tracking the manifest. This will create a handy link to take you back to the manifest anytime, even if you're working on another manifest. This link will be displayed directly under the main menu. If you chose to track the manifest with a note, hovering your mouse over the link will also display the note you entered.


Once you begin tracking a manifest, you will receive an email notification for each customs response that comes in for that manifest. The notification will be sent to the email specified in your User Account.

You will also be able to tell that the manifest has a new response by looking at the shortcut link to the manifest at the top of the page. If there's been a new response since you last checked on the manifest, it will display 3 red exclamation marks next to the trip number.

If there are people tracking a manifest, the manifest will display a list of people tracking it on the ACI or ACE Manifest Details Page towards the bottom of the page.


Untracking a Manifest

When you no longer need to track your manifest, it's easy enough to stop tracking it. If you are on the ACI or ACE Manifest Details Page of the manifest you wish to stop tracking, you can hover your mouse over the Track button, and select 'Untrack Manifest'.


Another way to stop tracking a manifest is to click the Untrack link located under the 'People Tracking' section of your manifest toward the bottom of the ACI or ACE eManifest Details Page. Please note that if there are others tracking the same manifest you will not have the option to untrack it for them. You can only select Untrack for yourself.

You can also stop tracking a manifest by clicking the [x] to the right of the shortcut link for the manifest. This allows you to untrack the manifest without bringing up the manifest first.

Once you have untracked the manifest the shortcut link will be removed, and you will no longer receive email notifications when new customs responses come in for that manifest.