Declaring an Empty ACI eManifest (ACI eManifest)

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How to create an empty ACI eManifest in BorderConnect.

Although CBSA has originally announced that an ACI eManifest must be processed for empty trucks, and trailers - in September of 2019 CBSA has updated their policy to recommend and encourage highway carriers to submit an ACI eManifest for empty conveyances. With the exception of bob-tailed trucks. Filing an empty truck manifest is still recommended if possible.[1][2]

To process an ACI eManifest in BorderConnect with an empty conveyance, follow these steps.

Step 1

  • Navigate to 'Start New ACI eManifest' under the ACI eManifest menu option.


Step 2

  • Once you have entered your ACI eManifest conveyance data, navigate to the top left and click 'Save'. This will bring you to your ACI eManifest details page.


Step 3

  • Once you confirm the data entered for the ACI eManifest, click 'Sync with CBSA'. This will transmit your empty ACI eManifest to CBSA, and let CBSA know that no shipments will be transmitted along with the ACI eManifest.


Wait For Acceptance

  • Once CBSA accepts your empty conveyance ACI eManifest, and the status of your eManifest turns to three blue bars, your driver will be cleared to cross.


Declaring an empty conveyance as a CSA Approved carrier

CSA Empty Truck Conveyance

For drivers who do not have a FAST or CDRP card, employed by a company that is CSA Approved, you must follow the fore mentioned 3 steps, and provide an ACI eManifest lead sheet to the officer.

If a company is CSA approved and the driver has a valid FAST or CDRP card meeting existing requirements for CSA release, but traveling with an empty conveyance. A CSA lead sheet must be provided declaring the wording 'Empty Truck'.[3]