U.S. Department of Defense Shipment (CBP Shipment Type)

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US Department of Defence seal

A U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Shipment is a shipment of goods belonging or destined to the United States Department of Defense being transported by a commercial carrier. DOD shipments are entitled to special processing at the border when clearing through CBP and are not required to be entered from the regular list of Shipment Types.

In order to qualify as a Department of Defense Shipment, the goods must be accompanied by the appropriate CBP paperwork as called for under 19 CFR 10.102 or 19 CFR 10.103, stamped by Department of Defense.

Department of Defense Shipments and ACE eManifest

Department of Defense Shipments are not required to be (and cannot be) reported on an ACE eManifest. If the carrier has other shipments aboard they should report all other freight on their ACE eManifest, leaving the DOD shipment off. If the only freight loaded on the truck is the DOD shipment, it is still recommended that the carrier create an "empty truck" ACE eManifest in order to notify CBP to expect the driver's arrival.

In both cases it is important for the driver to verbally report the DOD shipment to the CBP officer upon arrival, and to present the paperwork for manual clearance of the goods.