Arrive Bill of Lading Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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Viewing the Send In-Bond Arrival Message page with the Master Bill of Lading field highlighted
How to arrive in-bond shipments.

The Send Bill of Lading Arrival Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager used to electronically report an in-bond arrival to CBP. This page can be accessed by hovering over 'U.S. In-Bonds' and selecting 'Arrive Bill of Lading' or by clicking the 'Arrive Bill of Lading' option from the Bill of Lading Details section of the In-Bond Report Details Page. It is easier to complete from the in-bond report if possible, because this pre-fills some of the fields for you. For a more detailed guide on arriving and exporting in-bond shipments visit the Reporting In-Bond Arrivals and Exports Guide.

Reporting Arrivals Using Bill of Lading

It is also possible to report the arrival of one portion of an in-bond, using the bill of lading number. For in-bonds that have multiple bills of lading, this notifies CBP that only a portion of the in-bond has arrived at the destination port. For in-bonds that have only a single bill of lading, this is effectively the same as arriving the entire in-bond, so it's recommended to use that option instead.

To arrive by bill of lading, you can select that option under Send WP Request on the In-Bond Report Details Page, or select that option from under the U.S. In-Bonds menu.

When arriving the in-bond by bill of lading, all the fields are the same as described above, expect the Master Bill of Lading field is added. This is the bill of lading number that you wish to arrive on the in-bond. When arriving by bill of lading from the in-bond report, this field will be pre-filled.