Arrive Entire In-Bond Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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Viewing the Send In-Bond Arrival Message page
How to arrive in-bond shipments.

The Send In-Bond Arrival Message Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager used to electronically report an in-bond arrival to CBP. This page can be accessed by hovering over 'U.S. In-Bonds' and selecting 'Arrive Entire In-Bond' or by clicking the 'Arrive Entire In-Bond' button from the In-Bond Report Details Page. It is easier to complete from the in-bond report if possible, because this pre-fills some of the fields for you. For a more detailed guide on arriving and exporting in-bond shipments visit the Reporting In-Bond Arrivals and Exports Guide.

Reporting In-Bond Arrivals

In-Bond Entry Number
The main number identifying the in-bond to CBP. Should be 9 numeric digits, with no spaces, dashes or other characters. This field will be pre-filled if you are arriving the in-bond from the in-bond report.
US In-Bond Destination
The CBP port that the in-bond movement is destined to. Must match the destination port of the in-bond itself. This field will be pre-filled if you arriving the in-bond from the in-bond report if the destination port is known, otherwise you can bring up port options by typing the port code or port name.
The CBP facility number for the specific location the in-bond is arriving at. If you don't know the FIRMS code, you can type the port code that you entered above to see a list of options for your destination port. If your shipment has already crossed into Canada, you should choose one of the options marked as a CBP Port of Exit, which will appear at the top of your results.
In-Bond Arrival Date
The date that the in-bond shipment arrived at the destination port. This date must not be in the future, as the in-bond arrival cannot be reported before it happens. In-bond arrivals are required by regulation to be reported within 2 business days.
In-Bond Arrival Time
The specific time the in-bond shipment arrived at the destination port.
House Bill Number
Only used for in-bonds with the Air mode of transport. Not required.