Export Entire In-Bond Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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Viewing the Send In-Bond Export Message page
How to export in-bond shipments.

The Send In-Bond Export Message Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager used to electronically report an in-bond export to CBP. This page can be accessed by hovering over 'U.S. In-Bonds' and selecting 'Export Entire In-Bond' or by clicking the 'Export Entire In-Bond' button from the In-Bond Report Details Page. It is easier to complete from the in-bond report if possible, because this pre-fills some of the fields for you. For a more detailed guide on arriving and exporting in-bond shipments visit the Reporting In-Bond Arrivals and Exports Guide.

Reporting In-Bond Exports

In-Bond Entry Number
The main number identifying the in-bond to CBP. Should be 9 numeric digits, with no spaces, dashes or other characters. This field will be pre-filled if you are exporting the in-bond from the in-bond report.
In-Bond Export Date
The date that the in-bond shipment was exported from the U.S., or was delivered to a place where export was reasonably assured. (For example at a seaport, airport or rail location and under control of the exporting carrier.) This date must not be in the future, as the in-bond export cannot be reported before it happens. In-bond exports are required by regulation to be reported within 2 business days.
In-Bond Export Time
The specific time the in-bond shipment was exported from the U.S. or was delivered to a place where export was reasonably assured.
House Bill Number
Only used for in-bonds with the Air mode of transport. Not required.