Goods Astray (CBP Shipment Type)

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How to enter a Goods Astray shipment in ACE within BorderConnect.

Goods Astray is a U.S. Shipment Type for goods through U.S. Customs and Border Protection and on an ACE Manifest. It is a type of Informal Entry that allows for the release at the border of goods which:

  • Were exported from the United States AND
  • Are returning to the United States within 45 days of that export as undeliverable AND
  • Have not at any time left the custody of the carrier or foreign customs service

Upon request by CBP, the person requesting release under Goods Astray must be able to provide evidence to support the claim that the goods qualify.

Declaring a Goods Astray Shipment in ACE Manifest

Highway Carriers transporting shipments into the United States under Goods Astray must report them on their ACE Manifest. To report Goods Astray the carrier will need to create an ACE Shipment with the Shipment Type "Goods Astray", and ensure that the shipment is transmitted as part of their ACE Manifest. The example below shows how to report a Goods Astray shipment using BorderConnect's ACE Manifest Software User Guide.[1]19 CFR 141.4(b)(1)


Although a Goods Astray shipment is different from a PAPS shipment, the carrier will still need to provide a unique Shipment Control Number, as well as all other information normally required for an ACE Shipment including Shipper, Consignee and Commodity information. Additionally, the date that the goods were exported from the United States will need to be provided.

As with all Informal Entries, no Customs Broker should be involved and the carrier will not receive an Entry Number for the shipment. At the border, the driver should be prepared to show paperwork for the shipment that was exported, as well as any documentation that supports the load being undeliverable.


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