Military Goods (CBSA Shipment Type)

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Canada Department of National Defence
Military Goods Consigned to the Department of National Defence is a Canadian shipment of goods belonging or destined to the Canadian Department of National Defence being transported by an authorized commercial carrier. Military Goods shipments are entitled to special processing at the border when clearing through CBSA and are required to be entered as a shipment in an ACI eManifest software.

In order to qualify as a Military Goods shipment, the goods must be accompanied by the appropriate Department of National Defence paperwork as called for under DAOD 3020-1.[1]

Military Goods in ACI eManifest

Military Goods consigned to the Department of National Defence shipments are required to be reported on an ACI eManifest. If the carrier has other shipments on board, they should report all other freight on their ACI eManifest.


In both cases it is important for the driver provide a barcoded ACI lead sheet or Cargo Control Number, and to verbally report the Military Goods shipment to the CBSA officer upon arrival, and to present the paperwork when requested. The driver must wait one full hour before proceeding to the border.