Send In-Bond Transfer of Liability Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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Viewing the Send In-Bond Transfer of Liability Message page

The Send In-Bond Transfer of Liability Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager used to electronically transmit an In-Bond Transfer of Liability Message to CBP. This page can be accessed by hovering over 'U.S. In-Bonds' and selecting 'Transfer Liability' or by clicking the 'Send Transfer of Liability Request' option in the 'Update In-Bond' dropdown button from the In-Bond Report Details Page. Sending an U.S. In-Bond Transfer of Liability to CBP is common if a new bonded carrier would like to take control of an in-bond that was originally intended to be taken by another bonded carrier at the time of filing the in-bond. It's important to note that only the carrier that will take control of the in-bond can file the Transfer of Liability and not the carrier that will be giving away control, otherwise it may result in CBP penalties. The in-bond must also be in an 'Enroute' status for a Transfer of Liability Request to be sent and cannot be in an 'On File', 'Arrived', 'Exported', or 'Concluded' status.

Transferring In-Bond Liability

In-Bond Entry Number
The main number identifying the in-bond to CBP. Should be 9 numeric digits, with no spaces, dashes or other characters. This field will be pre-filled if you are sending the transfer of liability request from the in-bond from the in-bond report.
In-Bond Transfer Of Liability Date
The effective date for the transfer of liability.
In-Bond Transfer Of Liability Time
The effective time for the transfer of liability.
Liable Carrier SCAC
The SCAC code of the carrier accepting liability for the in-bond.
Liable Bonded Carrier ID
The number identifying the bond holder accepting liability for this in-bond shipment to CBP. If you have already used this field previously, you can hit space to see a list of options. Valid formats for the In-bond Carrier Identification codes are: NN-NNNNNNNXX (Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Number), YYDDPP-NNNNN (USCBP Assigned Number), and NNN-NN-NNNN (Social Security Number)
Transfer Of Liability City
The city at which the transfer of liability is taking place.
Transfer Of Liability State
The U.S. state in which the transfer of liability is taking place.
House Bill Number
Only used for in-bonds with the Air mode of transport. Not required.