QP In-Bond Search Page (U.S. In-Bond Manager)

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Viewing the Search Options of the QP In-Bond Search page

The QP In-Bond Search Page is a page in BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager where the user can view all QP in-bonds in BorderConnect when QP in-bonds were created. It can be accessed from the In-Bond Manager menu option by selecting 'Search QP In-Bonds'. From this page, users have full visibility of all of their most recent QP in-bond shipments. For a more in-depth guide on creating and submitting QP In-Bonds to CBP visit the Creating and Submitting a New QP In-Bond guide.

Start New QP In-Bond
Used to begin a new QP In-Bond. Clicking on this button will bring the user to the Creating and Submitting a New QP In-Bond.

QP In-Bond Search Section

This section of the page allows the user to search for QP in-bonds using a number of different options. By default it will display manifests with a Date Created Between one week ago and the present day. By altering the search options though the user can search any QP in-bond ever created on the system, filtering by whatever criteria desired. e.g. the user could search for all QP in-bonds for a particular in-bond type last month, or all QP in-bonds ever to cross at the port of Detroit, etc. Another common use is to simply search for an individual QP in-bond by an in-bond entry number.

Search Button
Used to search for QP in-bonds. Once the desired search options have been entered, clicking on this button will search for matching results and display them in the QP In-Bond Results Section below.
Reset Button
Used to reset the search options to the default setting. Clicking on this button will set the Date Created Between back to one week ago and the present day, and will clear all other search options. The QP in-bonds created within the last week will then be displayed in the QP In-Bonds Results Section below.
Clear Button
Used to clear all search options. Clicking on this button will set all search options to blank so the user can enter new search options instead.

QP In-Bond Results Section


This section of the page displays the search results generated by the search options in the QP In-Bonds Search Section. Each QP in-bond matching the search will be listed with important details including the Entry Number, Current Status, Type of In-Bond, Port of Entry, Destination Port, and the Bill of Lading Number. It will also include a 'View' link to allow the user to bring up that QP in-bond QP In-Bond Details for In-Bond Page to see further information or to make changes. If more than one page of results is displayed, the arrow icons can be used to view the other pages.