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A Split Shipment occurs when a single PAPS entry with a single PAPS number is being taken across the border at different times due to the size of the shipment.

It is not the responsibility of the carrier to determine if a load they are taking is a split shipment. The customs broker or importer should inform the carrier when they are taking a load that is clearing under a split shipment.

The importer or customs broker will also have obtained special permission from the CBP port prior to set up the split shipment PAPS entry.

Enabling Split Shipments In Company Settings

Before split shipments can be processed in BorderConnect ACE Manifest Software, you must first enable the option to do split shipments in the company preferences page. To do this, when logged in, navigate to Account and select the option Company Settings. Under the ACE Shipment Settings section, select "Yes" under the Allow ACE "Split Shipments". Then click the save button at the top. Read More >>

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