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Selecting Section 321 shipment type from the Start New ACE Shipment page
A Section 321 is a U.S. Shipment Type for goods to clear through U.S. Customs and Border Protection on an ACE Manifest. It is a type of entry that allows for the release at the border of shipments valued at 800 U.S. dollars or less.

To qualify for Section 321 release a shipment must not exceed 800 U.S. dollars in value and must not be one of several lots covered by a single order or contract, the value of which would exceed $800. CBP may also refuse to release a shipment as Section 321 when taking into account risk. (Full article...)

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How to Create and manage truck profiles in BorderConnect.

ACI eManifest Guide

Did you know...

  • ...An ACI eManifest lead sheet is required to be presented by the driver each time the driver enters Canada using ACI. Although carriers are free to design and produce their own ACI lead sheets, BorderConnect provides 2 useful features to automatically generate lead sheets for you.
  • ...When reporting an In-Bond shipment in ACI, it is important to note that the Sub Location, which is normally optional, becomes a mandatory field and must be completed on both the manifest and shipment sections.

ACE Manifest Guide

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  • ...The CSV upload feature is designed for users who have a significant amount of shipments on a single trip and would like to avoid entering data separately for each shipment. A common use case in ACE is used for Section 321 shipments.
  • ...Insurance Policies are required if your truck is taking a shipment into the U.S. on an ACE Manifest with hazardous goods. To assign an insurance policy to a truck, go to the Manage Data menu option at the top of the page and click Insurance Policies.

U.S. In-Bond Manager Guide

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  • ...The In-Bond Sequence Page is where the user can create and manage sequences of In-Bond entry numbers assigned to them from CBP and entered into BorderConnect ACE Manifest software or U.S. In-Bond Manager.
  • ...Sending a U.S. In-Bond Port Diversion Request to CBP is common if the incorrect U.S. in-bond destination was originally entered when the in-bond was filed or the in-bond must move to a different destination than wheat was originally intended.

BorderConnect Software Guide

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  • ...with eManifest Sync the user can freely edit or change the details on an ACE or ACI eManifest, then click the 'Sync with CBP' or 'Sync with CBSA' button at the top of the eManifest details page after the changes to the eManifest are made.
  • ...The eManifest Tracking Feature allows you to receive updates by email and screen notification when a manifest gets responses from customs. Whereas normally you might just check back on your manifest when it's convenient for you, this feature is designed to help out in situations where you want to leave your manifest and do other things.

Featured BorderConnect Screenshot

This BorderConnect screenshot is of the ACI eManifest Settings section of Company Settings page. It is accessed under the Account menu and allows the user to manage and change settings in BorderConnect.

This section allows the user to change specific settings related to ACI eManifests, such as changing the default carrier code when starting a new ACI eManifest, automatically starting a new ACI eManifest with the next sequential trip number or even displaying ACI import buttons on the Start New ACI eManifest page which helps users upload shipments into an ACI eManifest.

The Company Settings page is helpful for users who want to customize the BorderConnect software experience to their liking. It's also helpful if users or highway carriers a familiar to processing eManifests a particular way or streamline their eManifest processing experience. (Full article...)

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